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Date:   Nov 17 2015 08:45 PM
Name:   Chris Folz
e-mail:   Christopherfolz3@msn.com
Location:   Pacific, MO
Referred by:   Your Facebook page
Comment:   I already miss you guys. Love the website update. See you next season as soon as humanly possible

Date:   Nov 17 2015 08:13 PM
Name:   Robert Call
e-mail:   cowboycall62@hotmail.com
Location:   Merriam, Kansas
Referred by:   A Good Friend named Ed
Comment:   Website looks really cool...sorry I did not get to see you much this year...working the booth,they don't let me out much!lol hope to spend more quality time together soon!

Date:   Nov 17 2015 06:51 PM
Name:   Michelle Daugherty
e-mail:   georgrac@adams.net
Location:   Illinois
Referred by:   You know!!!
Comment:   Miss you guys!!!

Date:   Mar 13 2015 01:19 PM
Name:   Scott Perry
e-mail:   bstmydd@yahoo.com
Location:   Tulsa, OK
Referred by:   OKRF
Comment:   OKRF isn't going to be the same without you this year, hopefully the good doctor will be back there soon! Miss those jam sessions too!

Date:   Mar 10 2015 07:12 PM
Name:   Jeff Harrison
Location:   Here, there, everywhere
Referred by:   Some guy named Ed
Comment:   Looking forward to the new season

Date:   Mar 10 2015 02:22 PM
Name:   David Lee Jennings
e-mail:   ozeon1@gmail.com
Location:   an alternate universe
Referred by:   Facebook post
Comment:   I miss your input in the songwriters group. Too bad on the balladeer thing, I believe it should be kept open as an option. Peace.

Date:   Mar 10 2015 12:41 PM
Name:   Monty Montgomery
e-mail:   skin_dancer@hotmail.com
Location:   Florida
Referred by:   KC
Comment:   Love the tunes and the entertainment... Keep on sailing sir!

Date:   Mar 10 2015 12:34 PM
Name:   Kimberlee Morton
Website:   http://http://www.cheeksmiller.com/visitors.cgi
e-mail:   kimxfan@gmail.com
Location:   Kirksville, MO
Referred by:   Facebook
Comment:   Love the site Ed. Can't wait for the new CD!

Date:   Mar 09 2015 02:07 PM
Name:   Webmaster
Website:   http://cheeksmiller.com
Referred by:   I live here
Comment:   Welcome to the guestbook for Dr Rev Mr Cheeks Miller! We hope you will share your thoughts and feelings (hopefully good ones) about Ed, his music, and his shows.

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